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It is essential for a business to have a consistent and positive cash flow. Money solves the problems that a business has. Resonate Business Services offers Cash Flow Consulting to help businesses achieve this. However, when a business needs immediate capital, they may have to consider pursuing a business loan. The first place a business owner should consider is their bank or credit union. But if that fails, they need to seek out alternative financing options. While it may seem easy to find business loans online, business owners run the risk of coming across unscrupulous lenders or brokers who take advantage of them. A loan with bad terms can negatively impact a business's cash flow and, in severe cases, cause it to fail. At Resonate Business Services, we want businesses to thrive. That's why we have partnered with over 40 reputable lenders that offer a wide variety of loans to meet your business funding needs with rates as low as 6.99%. Our Cash Flow Consultants will compare your business's current financial health to the loan terms to ensure the loan meets your needs and forecast the effects of the loan on future cash flow. To begin the process, please fill out our Loan Application.