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"We understand the importance of your business goals and we are committed to helping you achieve them. Our services entail a thorough analysis of your business's financial strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide a clear roadmap to a more profitable business that aligns with your envisioned success."

Simplified process

Our One Clear Path Program

Our One Clear Path Program is designed to provide small business owners with access to financial professionals who can help them track cash flow, analyze financial strengths and weaknesses, and propose corrective actions to keep their company on the right financial path. Our system has been proven to help businesses generate consistent, positive cash flow and achieve their goals. We are committed to creating your success story as your go-to financial professional.


Set Targets

Our process starts with a conversation about your goals for the future. We listen to what you want for your business and what you feel needs improving. Based on this, we set 1-Year, 5-Year, and 10-Year Financial Targets for your business.



Our cash flow experts analyze your business’s financial data and create a scorecard to highlight areas for improvement that will maximize your business’s profit potential.


Create Objectives

After receiving your scorecard, we will work with you to create objectives and specific next steps. These will allow you to focus on what's important for the month to increase profitability and meet your targets.


Monthly Financial Review

We will assess your financial progress every month and compare it with your set targets. In our meeting, we will discuss our analysis, talk about your progress so far, address any challenges and take steps to keep your cash flow growing.


We Are Your Financial Professional

We are dedicated to your success, available to help with any financial questions or problems, and committed to coaching you to reach your financial goals.


Real stories of businesses

Discover how businesses like yours transformed with our software. Real stories of growth, innovation, and success.

As a small business, their funding fueled our vision, leading to expansion. Grateful for their instrumental support in our journey to success.

Frederic Hill

Founder & CEO

Their financial aid was pivotal, fueling our rapid growth. They understood our needs, providing strategic support crucial for our scaling journey.

Julie Kyle

Account Executive

Their funding empowered our innovations, enabling us to introduce groundbreaking products. Their support pushed us towards innovation and excellence.

Brendan Buck

Marketing Director

Their support turned our dreams into a reality, providing not just funding but also guidance and encouragement. A true catalyst for our business success.

Paige Lowery

Operations Manager

During tough times, their funding and guidance were instrumental. Together, we navigated challenges, emerged stronger, and continued our journey.

Stefan Ball

Marketing Manager

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A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a type of financing that offers small businesses a lump sum of money in exchange for a portion of future credit sales, along with a fee. MCAs are also known as merchant loans and are typically used for those businesses that need immediate capital, but have poor credit or […]



Equipment finance refers to a loan or lease used to acquire business equipment. This type of financing is typically used to obtain tangible assets such as office furniture, computer equipment, machines used in manufacturing, medical equipment, and company vehicles, among others. Equipment finance is important for businesses for two main reasons. Firstly, for startups or […]



Revenue-based financing is a method of raising capital for a business. Investors provide money in exchange for a percentage of the enterprise’s ongoing gross revenues. In this type of investment, investors receive a regular share of the businesses’ income until a predetermined amount has been paid, which is usually three to five times the original […]

The Cash Formula

We Analyze the 16 Drivers of Cash Flow

Our team is dedicated to supporting small business owners in realizing their visions of success. Regardless of the industry, there are key factors that influence revenue, profit, and cash flow for every business. By carefully reviewing your financial data, we analyze these factors to identify the One Clear Path that will enable you to reach your financial objectives.


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