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Creating Profitable Businesses is our Passion

About Resonate Business Services

Ashleigh Zelaya founded Resonate Business Services to help entrepreneurs like you realize their dreams of owning growing, profitable businesses. As an entrepreneur, she understands the obstacles you face everyday. As an accounting professional, she understands each business's unique financial position. As a fractional CFO, she combines her entrepreneurial spirit and financial expertise and uses her proven cash flow system to provide you with a clear path to achieve the successful business you envisioned.

Let's turn your dreams of financial success into a reality. Contact us today to learn how to turn your business into the growing, profitable business of your dreams.

Our mission is to help small business owners achieve their dreams of building growing, profitable businesses by providing a clear path to more cash flow.

Our vision is to help small business owners realize their American Dream and build a legacy of wealth for themselves and their loved ones.
We want to RAISE your financial frequency with Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Spirit, and Excellence.
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"We understand the importance of your business goals and we are committed to helping you achieve them. Our services entail a thorough analysis of your business's financial strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide a clear roadmap to a more profitable business that aligns with your envisioned success."

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